New Trump Protest Biscuits!

Or "cookies", as they say in the US.

Look, I don't know any more than the so-called "experts" [© everyone] in this post-truth political metasphere as to whether president elect Donald Trump will be as insanely awful as everyone thinks he might. Yeah, of course he will, but I am just hoping he won't. He may get run over by a cement mixer tomorrow and everything will be OK... but he's a bit of a knob (to say the least) and so he inspires a half dozen Protest biscuits. There ends my extremely minor reflection on the so-called US presidential election.

The biscuits, I'd say, are not wholly Trump-based. They are more a crude reflection of everything being a bit mental in 2016.

Fuckin' Hell; We're All Doomed 2016

American Flag [a bit broken]; Oh Dear

Bastard Trump; The State of America

Updated 19 November 2016
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