Sleaford Mods Artwork

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You know the Sleaford Mods, we all do, and I can't quite explain how much I really like them. But I do. They swear, they're poetic, they're old, they're real - they're like actual people in actual life unlike a lot of "bands" and stuff and things. Anyway, the more I say the more it takes something away so I'm going to be quiet. You can watch it on youtube, man.
But I did want to paint them, a lot, and I waited a bit for some reason but now it's all come out.
The paint is acrylic on tough board. It has sharp edges.


Taken while drying

There are small daubs of Farrow and Ball "Studio Green" around the edges. Like. It made sense.


If you like art and you like Sleaford Mods then this might be the thing for you. It could well be the thing for you. These will be painted to order as multiples, limited to twenty. Size is 13x20 cm and costs £62 inc UK P&P.
Anything else, you know who to ask.
"I work my dreams off for two bits of ravioli
And a warm bottle of Smirnoff."
Oh yes.
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