#livedraw Eurovision 2015

#livedraw Eurovision 2015 is happening this Saturday 23 May at 8pm BS so-called T. You may not want to miss this opportunity. You may want to miss this opportunity. But the fact is I will be drawing the 27 acts in real time, as they come on stage, on the telly. No excuses. Or something. There's Serbia with the big lady; Sweden with the cartoon things; Latvia and some experimental spoons; there's two thousand ballads and a couple of "uptempo" songs. And there's the UK entry. The UK entry.... the bloody awful no unique no rubbish UK entry, Electro Velvet.
Details will be on the Twitter and you can come back to this page to buy the artwork as it happens. It will be a lucky dip - you will get a random picture BUT if you have any favourites just squeak and if no one else wants one yer in.
50% of the profits (gross minus postage and PayPal fees) will go to Great Ormond Street after the event.
All artwork will be done in watercolours on postcard-size watercolour paper. Cost inc UK P&P per artwork is £10.50. Europe and rest of the world differs.

UPDATE 24 MAY - A selection of the paintings from 23 May... not all are sold! Please do buy if you're tempted, they're rockin'. It's history. It's, er, art.






You can see every one of the 29 the paintings here on Picasa.

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