#livedraw England "Match of Shame" - SOLD


Hello, you chameleons of rock n roll. It's #livedraw tonight - again! - but this time it is for real. 4 Real. Quatre Vrai. Maybe.
Yes, England, the World Cup losers, are having to play those nifty little blighters of Costa Rica. English Leg against Costa Rican Leg. One neon football boot against the another neon football boot. A haircut near a haircut. But this is war. England have got to do well otherwise Roy "Hodgy" Hodgson is going to look a bit crap. Will they? Probably not.
Anyway, I aint no pundit, but I am painting it all so I will shut up and talk about PAINT instead. I have just bought a LOT of white paint. It's not fancy, but it can mix with some posh acrylic mediums and go a bit gloopy. If you want an all-white painting or one that is mostly white - just let me know. (Whether this will have any relevance to the game I am not sure.)

Next, I have a truck load of canvas board. Masses. I have more than ten, actually. It really is that good. I can just go on painting all week. Thierry Henry's jumper (cardigan seems to have vanished); Adrian Chiles' nose, Glen Hoddle's ears - even a bit of the match and a "tackle" or simple "kick" and – as Lenny Cohen says – I'm your man. You know who to ask.

This post will be updated from 5pmish onwards with all sorts of nonsense. Check back to see how it's going, yeah. As ever, with every painting sold I donate a fiver to Macmillan Cancer Support. So far we have raised £40 which is FAB.


...And here it is...
A boring game, played by boring players in excitably-coloured boots and long long socks. Two men - one from Costa Rica and one from England - cast each other a look, mid-pitch. They is bemused. The ball is in the air. Neither one touches it. They each have their team's final score on their shirt. The end is nigh. The end is here. This is it.

 If you would like to buy this marvellous token, this souvenir of World Cup non-glory, then it's 13 x 18 cms canvas board, painted in acrylics.


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