World Cup #livedraw News


(quick sketch on back of envelope)

After the massive excitement, the shabby kerfuffle and the restless-legs expectation of the last #livedraw in May '14 where, as you know, I drew each Eurovision entry in real time – comes new new new #livedraw.

An event in itself.
A merrily-charged thing.
An art thing.
A double-screen, modern-pot of classic hyper artistry mixed with...

Yes - for however long it lasts, during some [if not most] of the games, depending on will and the amount of gin left in the cupboard, I will attempt to #livedraw some paintings of the WORLD CUP TV coverage on canvas board. From the depths and dark schoboons of a rather messy flat I will be DEPICTING, in acrylic paint on canvas board, at least TWO footballers per game. You know, the ones wot are doing really well. The ones in those long socks (do they still wear them??) And maybe a flag in the background or a "ref" or something.

To whit - #livedraw goes #world cup 2014 on the Twitter and that.

PLEASE tell your friends. Real ones and virtual ones and the actual imaginary ones.
DRINK along and offer twitter encouragement if you like doing that sort of thing.
DO watch this website for PAYPAL buttons and please do buy.
30% of the price of each artwork will go to Macmillan Cancer Research. This site will be updated regularly with running totals, photos and "interesting facts".
More preliminary sketches may be revealed tomorrow. Plus photos of paintbrushes and/or bottle of Gordons.

I've even invented a catchphrase I'll never use and probably edit out of this post tomorrow:
Let's make art real. Let's make art #livedraw

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