Found Some Old Artwork....

I have just found this under the bed.  I think this was conceived as a non-tribute to Sarah Lucas,  a work ("work"?) made with cigarettes, called "cunts", made about 1999.  This also includes cut-out words from a newspaper article, which must have been about the art world (from wot the nouns say).  The words include "Joan Crawford", "sexual people", "Andrea Dworkin and dull and boring food", "Hitler",  "Christy Turlington", "gay parents",  "my brother",  and even "my fishmonger". All of these things considered cunts or cuntish. Strange is the addition of "Alexander McQueen",  who was obviously not a cunt,  but must have been included in the butchered article. 

This artwork is now a bit bashed up.  It's been in a plastic bag for a while. The "c"  looks like a "g",  the cigarettes are a bit flat. 

It still smells quite nice,  if you seen what I mean. 

Detail (my wife) 

Detail  (sexual people) 

Detail (my brother) 

It could almost be...  a... Julian Schnabel???!  No!!! Oh never mind. 

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