Brian Eno - Textured Hands Artwork

Hello you people. Today I have for the wiggly fingers of Brian Eno, Roxy Music era, in his huge turkey feathers and tight keks. Brian here has probably cut his own hair - he stands, waiting for those fingers to create some electronica. Not sure how ambient he's got yet, but he does hold a cigarette. Maybe he's brooding - thinking Mean Stuff about Bryan. Who can actually tell? What is life actually about? No one is sure.

Textured hands - detail.

Eno on a plinth.

Face - detail.

Little Brian, little thoughtful Brian. He's in a world of his own. This celebratory canvas measures 21 x 15 cms, just under an inch deep. It is painted in acrylics, acid yellow background and varnished. If you would like one they are limited to just ten. UK price only £35 (see drop down menu for other destinations). Please allow 14 days for delivery as the paintings have to dry fully before dispatch. Prices include first class postage.

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