Welcome to the festive funwagon that is the Outsider Christmas Art Shop. This site has been brought to you by people who know that that art is not just for life, it's for Christmas.
While musing over a glass of chilled Churbo (Cava with a dash of Brandy) and a packet of ready salted crisps, the Insider Outsider Art Collective (incorporating the Art Supergroup) decided that what Christmas needs is a time for people to buy smaller, lighter, brighter, faster. Thus the mini Christmas for-a-limited-time-only (ie until January 2013) was created to bring to you joy and original works of art. Just like the John Lewis advert – unlike the John Lewis advert, Insider Christmas Outsiders are not selling you time travel romance, i-Pads, chocolates or duvet covers. We are selling tiny elements of the underground, the chaotic, the nervous, the brooding.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items so we would advise you to "follow by email" (see bottom of page) or just keep pressing "refresh" like an idiot at hourly intervals.
Or something.
Anyway. Happy bloody November. You haven't missed Christmas.


 Two paintings meet, in life-size hand (hand, model's own).

Bad Vibes - Postcard Size (Sian Superman)
This is a version lite of the famous image, featuring Mr L Haines. It measures 18cm x13 cm or 7" x5" and is painted on canvas board. There are only ten available so order now, if you feel like it. As ever, these paintings are multiples – ie freshly painted and original each time, so tiny variations will occur. We are not robots. We have hands that do the work and brains with bells and whistles.

All Bad Vibes artwork can and will be signed on the back by Mr Haines himself.
Please note: If ordering outside Europe we cannot guarantee this item will arrive for December 25th.

Aladdin Sane - Postcard Size (Sian Superman)
Again, this measures 18cm x13 cm or 7" x5" and is painted on canvas board. Mr A Sane looks out onto the crumpled heap of humanity and wonders when the next rocket is landing. A lite version of the Aladdin Sane paintings sold earlier in 2012 – it features a different colourway (yellow and blue). Only ten available, painted as multiples, detailed above.

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