Grrrr! Shop, London NW5 - Last "Do" – 22 July

Breaking Up on Re-Entry

This is to tell you about our last "do", which we're calling "Breaking Up On Re-Entry", because we're like that.
Polish your purse, clean your spectacles and sharpen your elbows – on the 22 July between 5-8pm we at Grrrr! are showing up, selling out and clearing off... [Well we've got until the 29th but you know how it is.]

This is the Grrrr! End of Shop show. We've got AMAZING artworks from all our super artists, plus some more art we thought we'd fit in. And we've got stuff we hadn't even dreamed about when we first opened - the protest biscuits, Truth and Beauty pencils, Good Spell stars, keyrings and even more paintings.
We've had a marvellous time at Grrrr! It's been cool. It's been mental. We're looking to continue n all at some stage and at some space – some scientists are working out the logistics. OK, well we are. You know.

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