Stranglers Artwork

What's that in the shadows? Well, it's the Stranglers. Four men, in black. Four of 'em, like a boy band. But a bit dirty, ugly, misogynistic - entirely wrong wrong wrong. They don't dance, they don't sing, Well, yeah, they sing. But they aint no 1D.
That's why we are drawn to them and we like them. Wrong wrong wrong.
This is the Black and White sleeve, not entirely white - a lotta grey. They are lurking from outta dem shadows like big lurky beasts and one is tiny and one looks like he has no head and the big one in the flasher mac at the front - well, you know. You know by now. The Stranglers are the Pistols' shifty uncles; Take That's dodgy greengrocers, 1 Direction's estranged husbands. 




It's a good album. It's a great sleeve. It's a good painting.
Acrylics on 20 x 20 cm Ampersand board. Limited to five. Signed and numbered and all that muck. Any questions just let Raw Art Towers know. We want your questions. We want your blood.
Nice and Sleazy does it every time.

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