#livedraw World Cup - Brazil v Colombia

Hello there. Welcome to another evening of #livedraw World Cup.
The Germany v France game was standard enough, a football, some men in shorts kicked it about, someone scored (for Germany). They all went off afterwards. Hm.

But the Brazil v Colombia game is more like it. The men are more excited. They are trying to kick the ball into the goal more. There is a palpable - yes - thrill to the thing and the crowd are – some of them – painted green like the Incredible Hulk 'cos of one of the Brazil team blah blah blah.

So! I have painted top first-scorer Thiago Silva. He's a cheeky captain laddie, seen here with circular halo; thinking about the circular ball. The temperatures are up. It's red and rising.
It's currently half time so who knows what may happen next?

PAINTING ONE - Thiago Silva

Mr T Silva

You know what happens next - the painting is 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. It's yours inc P&P (UK) for £20 and £5 goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. So far we have raised £75 so that's AMAZING and well done everyone have another glass of wine or gin or sambuca. Any questions, do ask.

PAINTING TWO - David Luiz' Legs

He is known for his hair, by some. But David Luiz has long legs and for Brazil he uses them to score goals. Goals and more goals. (And a bit of running.) When the others aren't scoring that is. Here is a Raw Art painting dedicated to his legs and that mighty goal in the second half of the game.

Legs, as if in the air.

Legs yet to kick the ball.

This painting is 13 x 18 cm acrylics on canvas board. It will be varnished before shipping, as will every #livedraw painting. It costs a very very very paltry £20 (inc UK P&P) and £5 from each painting goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Many paintings now sold out but new ones are added all the time and there are some stragglers so please look at the blog posts. If you have that sort of schedule. You may not have time. Fair enough. Thanks. OK.
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