Hello and interesting. 
Sale Sale Sale - there has been space in the house and not space. There is a reason to find more space, and maybe remind you of a picture or two. And therefore a knock-down, get-em-while-they're– infinite manifestation of savingness is on the breeze and we find ourselves carried with that gust and along to the items themselves. 
These artbart pieces are noble and you must have one. (Special commissions rarekins but sometimes considered. email: siansuperman at gee mail dot com)
NOTE: August and refined persons please observe - SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 16 2012 and all these paintings will go back to the original price of £100 each.
PS In April we were featured in medical rag the Lancet on Outsider Art and now Sian Superman is a qualified GP. Maybe. 

This amazing picture of Eddie Argos and Lion - NOW SOLD

It features Eddie Argos from Art Brut and his new side project Eddie Argos and the Lo Fi Punk Rock MotherFuckers.
Painted in the style of something, this picture captures the essence of man and beast. The man, alone  - contemplates the big cat - also alone. But the man has one cry - 'eddie argos'. For it is he.

This painting is 30 cm x 40cm and is painted acrylics on canvas.
"Its making me wish I owned a Lion": Mr Argos.

Chinese Woman - NOW SOLD

From the famous painting by a Mr Tretchikoff - of 34 Acacia Avenue, Surbiton - comes the outsider art version of Chinese Woman Thinks About Stuff. Consider, if you will, the original, on walls all over this globe we call "the globe". 

The original.

Consider again, a print. A bit of paper that has been printed on. OK, but there you go. Throw it in the dustbin, son.
Now take a painting, a well good painting of a painting. It's original but a copy. See with yer eyes, it has the words "punk rock" painted on the right shoulder.
Detail of special bit.

 This is now £60. It measures 30cm x 40cm and is acrylique et canvasique.
If you want to buy it there's a financial button down there....

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