Eddie Argos Painting Unveiled

Aha! Fresh from the brush, is the latest in the Insider Outsider pantheon (or panther) - Mr Eddie Argos from Art Brut and a lion. Painted in the style of something, this picture captures the essence of man and beast. The man, alone - contemplates the big cat - also alone. But the man has one cry - 'eddie argos'. For it is he.
If you are interested in owning this work please contact me here... it is £100 inc. UK P&P, by Paypal if possible. It is 30cms x 40cms and painted in acrylics.
As with the "Bad Vibes' paintings, I am painting 'readymades' [copies] of up to 40 - each is original (not a print etc.)

"Its making me wish I owned a Lion": Mr Argos.
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