We Told You The Truth About Rock n Roll

Here is a small selection, just to tantalise, of four different visions of the enigma that is so often our bard Luke Haines. Picture 1 sees him smart and noble. The next shouts a contrary tale. Another sees a cheeky lean towards the viewer and the sky darken accordingly while the next shows our hero relaxing - buttonhole in place - enjoying the view. Every painting is more placid and yet momentous as our story unfolds.
As one happy customer across the pond puts it: "the eyes are little pools of contempt, but his humanity is also there, in the pant leg".
This art is selling like proverbial Outsider hot cakes - warm too - and if you don't snap yours up while the paint is still drippy on the canvas, then it may be too late. These works will not be around forever.
£100 each inc. uK p&p. Paypal preferred. Email here for more glancey information.
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