New Artwork

Hello, my name is Siân Superman and I am an outsider artist. Outsider art means pictures with no formal technique, no acceptable lineage, no shop-bought aesthetic. The wonderful Stella Vine, for instance, is an Outsider artist. Banksy is not. The paintings “by” Tony Hancock in the best film of all time The Rebel are Outsider Art. The stuff of Damien Hirst is not. It is important to be an Outsider. It stops you being an asshole. (Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.)

And thus onto the subject of today.
You may have heard the work of a gentleman called Luke Haines, the notorious songwriter, with bands such as The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, Baader Meinhof and of course, by his own nom de non-plume, Luke Haines. He is known throughout the world as a despot, a soothsayer, a perspicacious visionary. (By the way, I am married to this man.)

And so, as if pushed into a corner by a very large baboon, I have new paintings for sale, inspired by the cover of 'Bad Vibes', Haines’ memoir. The “dark destroyer” is portrayed here in all his brooding glory, with the heavy clouds of doom in the background and a martini in his hand. He glowers with knowing nihilism as the shutter clicks, and paintbrush flicks and a new artwork is borne. Therefore, here is picture 1:

Picture 2 features our fiery fiend as a disembodied head, one filled with menace and sarcasm – a gigantic two fingers [not pictured] to the world. “Bad Vibes” is also its name and such is its game. Here it is:

The paintings are in acrylic paint, on canvas, and measure 16" by 12".

Copies will be limited up to 40. Each one will be slightly different, not intentionally, but rather sensationally. (Outsiders have no truck with things being exactly the same.)

The paintings are £100 each and that includes UK postage & packing. Anywhere else in the world, please email for a postage price. Paypal works best. Click here to email.
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