#livedraw - Eurovision 2016!!

The paintings are now sold out, the money has been sent to Gt Ormond Street.
Cheers. That was an ace #livedraw.

The old post:
Yes, I'm doing #livedraw Eurovision TODAY, May 14. Painting each act in real time on the Twitter. It will run a little similar to this, from 2014. You can buy a lucky dip painting as the show starts and ALL PROCEEDS [i.e. minus postage fees and PayPal charges alone] will go to Great Ormond Street. Back down to £5 a painting, simple as. I will add a PayPal button soon... On the PayPal form there may be the slightest possibility that you can add your preference in the "notes to seller" bit but I'm not promising anything....
There are 26 acts and there will be 26 paintings or a couple more if Nigella or someone else faintly tragic and beautiful [Not Jedward] does the UK voting panel thing. Just heard Justin Timberlake is on so deffo doing him. As it were.
Wurgh! Time to get started!
Each painting is Schminke watercolour on postcard-sized [A6] paper. Will be sent in an envelope to you (if you buy one) next week.


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