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"Call Temperton..."

UPDATE – 6th October 2016 – RIP Rod Temperton whose death was announced 5 October 2016.
In addition to Thriller, British songwriter Temperton wrote tons of hits. Actual worldwide hits. Off The Wall and Rock With You, Boogie Nights and more.

Here's the Thriller song structure print...

Hey. And hello. Wotcha. Welcome to Raw Art, this blog post in particular. This thing.
And welcome to the latest thing – the all-new Raw Art Song Structure print. As seen [above] at the Grrrr! shop in July. Wooh - it's the structure of a song. Could be any song. Or could it. Are all songs the same?
It's the song structure of Thriller by Michael Jackson - well, sung by Michael Jackson and *danced* by him. Written by Rod Temperton.

I think Michael Jackson is the time I realised there was a thing called famous.
("Michael Jackson". Like it's a time – "what time is it?" "Michael Jackson". Anyway.)
Not like "person on tv opens church fête" famous. But global, life-shattering, unenviable famous. I was a kid, and the other famous people up 'til then - Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Lennon - they were all dead. But Michael Jackson was alive and famous. I think he was on one side of a Smash Hits poster, with Boy George on the other. It was at this point that I realised that Boy George was famous too. And alive. And my world did not turn upside down quite, but my eyes were open.
As said, I was not very old at the time. I am older now. And I'm selling this print.
Limited edition of ten. Digital print on Hahnemuhle paper, A3. I will sign it and blah blah. Any other questions – if sensible – use the contact page.

28 September 2016. This is the unofficial Week One of the Raw Art Christmas.
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